Lower Paxton Township will auction vehicles beginning at 8:30 a.m. on July 15, 2017.  The auction will take place at:

Manheim Auto Auction
Manheim Pennsylvania
1190 Lancaster Rd
Manheim, PA 17545

The Township will auction the following vehicles:

Year    Make  Model             Vin                               Mileage
2007 Ford Crown Vic 2FAFP71W26X118620         102,987
2007 Ford Crown Vic 2FAFP71W87X125704         124,232
2004 Ford Crown Vic 2FAFP71V28X157976          116,593
2009 Ford Crown Vic 2FAHP71V89X135121         106,076
2004 Ford Crown Vic 2FAFP71V48X157977         132,125
2009 Ford Crown Vic 2FAHP71V69X135120         117,490
2010 Chev Impala      2G1WD5EM5A1196989        70,569
2011 Chev Impala      2G1WD5EM9A1197109        89,969
2010 Chev Impala      2G1WD5EM1A1196133        83,673
1997 Chev 2500         1GBGK24R5VZ256171      136,668
1999 GMC 1500         1GTGK24R0XF092800         75,714
2003 Ford F-550        1FDAF57P73ED34807          96,041
2000 GMC 1500         1GTGK29R7YF513129       100,958                       

The above listed vehicles will be auctioned in the Total Resource Auction, which is an “AS-IS” sale. All sales are final. The auction will run until all vehicles have been sold.

The above listed vehicles will be staged in Pre-Sale Inventory, in lane 53. The physical auction lane is located between lane 21 and lane 22. The vehicles in this lane do not drive across a physical auction block, but are auctioned based on a vehicle condition report and pictures. 

To purchase any of the above listed vehicles at Manheim Auto Auction, Manheim requires buyers to have a dealer’s license and be registered with the auction prior to the sale.  Manheim accepts payment in the form of: Cash, Check, or Floor Plan.

George Wolfe          
Township Manager

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