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VI. APPEALS (continued)

The Pennsylvania Office of Open Records has established a website with information relating to the Right-to-Know Law, including information on fees, advisory opinions and decisions, plus the names and addresses of all Open Records Officers in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.   Information on the PA Office of Open Records is available at http://openrecords.state.pa.us.

The Dauphin County District Attorney may be contacted at telephone number (717) 780-6767.  Appeals may be submitted to Assistant District Attorney Francis Chardo.

The fees for the production of municipal public records are listed below.  The Township may require requesters to prepay an estimate of the fees authorized by law if the fees are expected to exceed $100.00.  In instances where this policy is silent as to the fees to be charged for the production of public records, then the policies and fees established by the Pennsylvania Office of Open Records shall apply.

Photocopy/Duplication - $.25 single side on 8.5” x 11” photocopy paper.
Certification of Record - $1.00 per record, not including notary fees, if applicable. 

Specialized Documents - blue prints, color copies, and non-standard sized documents - actual cost of reproduction. 


Facsimile/Microfiche/Other Media - actual cost of reproduction. 

Conversion to Paper - The cost to convert an electronic record to paper shall be the lesser of the fee for duplication on paper or the fee for duplication in the original media, unless the requester specifically requests that the record be produced in the more expensive media.

Postage Fees - actual cost. 

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