Fall Leaf Collection

Leaf collection begins the first week of November and continues until mid-December. Leaf collection is scheduled to occur throughout the Township continuously through December. Weather and equipment breakdowns can cause delays in the leafing schedule. Each time there is a snow or ice event during the leafing season two leafing days may be lost. Your patience and cooperation is appreciated.


Following these simple guidelines will enable staff to maximize their efforts:

  • When leaves fall, please rake them to the edge of the roadway. Please do not rake leaves into the street. Rake the leaves to within 4 feet of the curb or edge of roadway. Long narrow piles are easier to pick up. Raking leaves into roadway will slow staff down and create unsafe conditions for the motoring public. 
    • Raking leaves into the roadway can also block storm drains which can cause localized flooding.
  • Leaf collection is for leaves only. Do not place sticks, twigs, branches, or other yard waste materials with leaves. These materials will damage the vacuum equipment and will delay the completion of the leaf collection. If the leaves are mixed with other materials the leaves will not be collected.
  • Do not tarp the leaves. Crews will not collect leaves that are covered by tarps. Please avoid parking on the street as it causes significant delays and may result in areas where leaves will not be collected.