Curbside solid waste & Recycling Collection

The Lower Paxton Township Solid Waste and Recyclable Collection Program requires all residents occupying single-family and multi-family dwellings of two and three units to comply with certain guidelines.  Residents must Contact Waste Management to initiate solid waste/recycling collection as Waste Management is the collection vendor in Lower Paxton Township.

On a weekly basis, Waste Management will collect up to four, 36-gallon containers of solid waste, including grass clippings. Each container may not weigh more than 50 pounds when full. This service includes unlimited recyclables, unlimited leaf waste (twice a month April through January), and one bulk item per week.

Collection Hours

Solid waste and recyclables will be collected on the same scheduled day between the hours of 6 am and 5 pm. Leaf waste will be collected the day after solid waste and recyclables per the schedule provided by Waste Management. On holidays and during emergencies, Waste Management and the Township Codes Enforcement Officer may schedule other hours.

Waste Management Holiday Schedule

If the holiday should fall on or before your weekly pickup day, your pickup will be the next day. If any of the holidays should fall on a Saturday or Sunday, the collection schedule will not be affected. Example: If the holiday falls on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, Thursday’s pickup will be on Friday; if the holiday is on Friday, then Thursday’s collection is not affected.

  • New Years Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas


Solid waste and recyclables must be placed in containers provided by residents. Containers must be no more than 36 gallons in capacity, watertight, have a tight cover, and have one or two handles. Containers must weigh less than 50 pounds when full.

Plastic bags may be used for solid waste, but cannot be placed outside the residence until the day of collection, unless stored in metallic or plastic containers. Do not put recyclables or leaf waste in plastic bags. Corrugated (cardboard) boxes may not be used for solid waste or recyclables.

Placement of Containers

Curbside pick-up requires that containers be placed at the curb by 5:30 am on the collection day. Where there is no curb, place containers next to the roadway or berm.

Exceeding the Container Limit

When it is necessary to exceed the four container limit, a tag system is used. Tags may be purchased from Waste Management or at the Lower Paxton Township Municipal Center. Tags cost $6.50 each. A tag is required for each container above the four container limit.

Carry-Out Service

Waste Management provides, at no additional cost, a carry-out service to residents with disabilities that preclude them from taking their solid waste, recyclables, and leaf waste to the curb. This service is available to persons who are disabled under the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and who do not reside with another individual capable of transporting materials to the curb.  Please contact Waste Management directly to make carry-out service arrangements.

Suspension of Service

Customers may suspend collection services by providing notice to Waste Management at least two weeks in advance, and the suspension period must be for at least 30 days.

Grass Clippings

Grass clippings are considered solid waste and are not leaf waste. Grass clippings may be disposed of in plastic bags provided they do not weigh more than 50 pounds. Bags of grass clippings are to be placed with the solid waste at the curb and are included in the four container limit.

Bulk Item Collection

Under the standard Solid Waste Collection Program, customers are permitted to place one bulk item at the curbside on the day of collection.

  • Bulk items include:
    • Appliances
    • Carpet (One room-size per week cut to 5 feet in length, rolled and tied in bundles.)
    • Furniture
    • Mattresses
    • Water heaters
  • Two individuals must be able to lift the item into a collection truck.
  • To dispose of an item containing freon, such as refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, or dehumidifiers, you must contact Waste Management prior to putting the item out, since it will be collected with a special truck. These items count as one bulk item and there is no extra cost for collection.
  • All doors from freezers and refrigerators must be removed prior to placing these items at curbside.
  • Items not accepted as a bulk item include:
    • Batteries
    • Building materials
    • Electronics
    • Household hazardous waste
    • Leaf waste
    • Tires
  • If you are unsure if the item you wish to dispose of is considered a bulk item, call the Township Health Office or Waste Management.
  • More than one bulk item per week will be collected by Waste Management for a fee of $35 per item.

Per Container Option

As an alternative to the standard Solid Waste Collection Program, the Township offers a per container option for the collection of solid waste. This option is for households that generate one container or less of solid waste per week.  A tag system is used by Waste Management to account for each container of solid waste. Waste Management and Lower Paxton Township sell tags to residents at $6.50 per container.

The per container option includes the weekly collection of unlimited recyclable materials. However, bulk item collection must be purchased separately from Waste Management at $35 per item, and leaf waste collection requires the purchase of a "tag" at $3.50 per container.

Switching Services

Residents may, on an annual basis, switch service types between the standard and per container programs. To do so, notify Waste Management during the first two weeks of July. Persons moving into the Township must select either the standard or per container program, and notify Waste Management prior to the start of collection. Residents of single-family homes and multi-family homes of three units or less must participate in either the regular collection program or the pay per container program.

For More Information

Call Waste Management at 800-634-4595 with questions about solid waste and recycling. Information about the Waste Management Contract with Lower Paxton Township is available at the Waste Management website.

Why Must Residents Sign Up for Service?

The Lower Paxton Township solid waste management program is designed to protect our natural environment and, at the same time, ensure clean, effective, and affordable collection of household trash. Like residents of other communities across Pennsylvania, those of us who live in Lower Paxton Township participate in the management of solid wastes, through recycling, leaf waste composting, and controlled landfilling.

Pennsylvania Act 101 of 1988

The Lower Paxton Township solid waste management program complies with Pennsylvania Act 101 of 1988, the Municipal Waste Planning, Recycling, and Waste Reduction Act. This Act requires municipalities to plan for the disposal of trash and to recycle certain items, including leaf waste.


If you have questions, you may contact the Front Desk at the Municipal Center (717-657-5600). Please visit the Waste Management website or the Dauphin County website for more information.