Lower Paxton Commercial Knox Box Program

knox box picCommercial Knox Box (Emergency Access Key) Box)    


What is a Commercial Knox Box? 

The Knox Box is a box that contains keys to the structure so the Fire Department can access an emergency area quickly, without causing property damage. This system saves valuable time that can be wasted while the Fire Department waits for a property owner to arrive and unlock their building. The box itself is very secure and very durable. 


Who is Required to Have a Commercial Knox Box (New Occupancies/Structures) 

According to Lower Laxton Township Ordinance 01-08 all non-residential and certain multi-family structures within the Township having an automatic fire alarm system or a fire sprinkler system shall be equipped with a key box. Affected multi-family structures shall be those that have restricted access through locked doors and have a common corridor for access to living units. Exempt from the requirements of this article shall be hospitals and nursing homes that provide professional services 24-hours per day. 


How to Order: 


Your Location: PENNSYLVANIA 

Local fire department/agency: LOWER PAXTON TWP. HARRISBURG, PA 

Commercial Knox Boxes: 

Choice of: 

  • Model 3200 – Standard Capacity (Surface or Recessed Mount) 
  • Model 4400 – Maximum Capacity (Surface or Recessed Mount) 


Where to Mount the Box: 

  • Will be located at or near the main entrance to the building or property; 
  • Mounted at a height of six (6) feet above the final grade (No Exceptions) 
  • For added security, it is preferred that the box be mounted to masonry or brick if available. 


Key Box Contents: 

The box shall contain the following: 

  • Keys to locked points of entry, whether on the interior or exterior of the structures: 
  • Keys to locked mechanical rooms; 
  • Keys to locked elevator rooms; 
  • Keys to elevator controls; 
  • Keys to any fence or secured areas; 
  • Keys to any other areas as directed by the Fire Chief 

To add or update your keys contact the Fire Chief’s Office at 717-657-5656