How much is the fee?

The Authority passed Resolution 19-01 establishing a stormwater fee (PDF) in the amount of $32 per quarter for a single-family residential parcel (1 Equivalent Residential Unit (ERU)). Owners of non-single family residential parcels shall pay user fees based upon the number of square feet of impervious surface area (3,400 square feet equals 1 ERU). NSFRs above 1 ERU shall be calculated by multiplying the total number of ERUs by the ERU unit rate of $32 per quarter. Customers wishing to appeal their billing classification, impervious area, or ERU may complete the Appeal Form (PDF) and return it to the Lower Paxton Township Authority.

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1. Why not pay for these mandates with a tax increase?
2. How much is the fee?
3. How is a NSFR rate calculated?
4. What will the fee be used for?