Sanitary sewer service is provided by the Lower Paxton Township Authority, which owns an extensive collection and transmission system. The operation of the sanitary sewer system is the responsibility of the Township’s Sanitary Sewer Department. The Township and the Authority have joined forces through a management agreement whereby the Township, through municipal employees, operates the Authority’s sewer system on a day-to-day basis.

Governing Body

The governing body of the Authority consists of seven members appointed by the Board of Supervisors. The Township Manager serves as the Manager of the Authority. William Weaver is the Director of the Sewer Department.


The Administrative Offices of the Lower Paxton Township Authority and the Sewer Department are located in Suite 139 of the Municipal Center. The Sewer Department’s Operation Facility is located at 5993 Locust Lane.


Sanitary sewer inquiries, including questions regarding quarterly bills, should be directed to telephone number 717-657-5617 and fax number 717-724-8312. Sewer operations inquiries should be directed to telephone number 717-657-5623 and fax number 717-657-5695.

Sanitary Sewer System

The sanitary sewer system owned by the Lower Paxton Township Authority is comprised of 250 miles of sanitary sewer lines and 5 pumping stations. The Township’s Sewer Department provides for the day-to-day operation of this sewer system.


The Authority’s sanitary sewer system services over 15,000 accounts. Residential accounts are charged a sewer service rental rate of $153 per calendar quarter. Nonresidential accounts are charged for system rental based upon water usage at a rate of $9.5625 per 1,000 gallons, with a base charge equal to the residential rate. 

In addition, new customers to the sanitary sewer system pay a one-time tapping fee of between $1,115 to $2,800 per equivalent dwelling unit (EDU), depending upon sanitary sewer drainage basin and whether or not the connection is being made to an existing sewer line or a line being installed by a developer. See the billing page for a complete list of tapping fees in each drainage basin.

Planning Modules

Sanitary sewer connection permits and Planning Modules are available in Lower Paxton Township. In accordance with a Second Consent Decree between the Township and the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), Planning Module approval may be granted and new connection permits issued, as long as the Township proceeds through to completion of its infiltration and inflow program. 

Now, in the Beaver Creek drainage basin (the eastern half of the Township), a minimum of 150 Planning Modules EDUs and 168 connection permits are available on an annual basis. In the Paxton Creek drainage basin (the western half of the Township), there is no limit on Planning modules for proposed new developments and there are 63 connection permits available for issuance each year. There are no limits on Planning Modules and connection permits in the Spring Creek drainage basin.