Authority regulations require that sewer bills be sent to property owners. Sewer accounts are billed arrears every January, April, July, and October. Payment of bills may be paid by check, money order, or automated clearing house (ACH) withdrawals. Cash is also accepted from walk-in customers.  Credit cards are charged a 2.65% convenience fee with a minimum of $3.00. The electronic check fee is $1.50.

New Accounts

To open a new sewer account, a $15 processing/handling fee will be incurred at the time of settlement in accordance with Resolution 07-02.

Sewer Billing

Residential sewer customers are billed, in the arrears, at a flat rate of $158 per quarter. Commercial sewer customers are billed $158 per quarter based on 16,250 gallons or less of water usage per quarter. Commercial customers using more than 16,250 gallons are charged at $9.5625 per 1,000 gallons. A 10% penalty is added to accounts not paid by the due date.

Automatic Withdrawal

ACH payments are automatically withdrawn from a customer’s checking or savings account. The ACH payment option saves money for postage and time in writing checks. Please fill out the Sewer Bill Auto-Debit Authorization Form (PDF) and return the completed form with a voided check.


In order to activate the ACH service, application forms must be returned one month prior to the billing month. For instance, to be able to have a sewer bill paid through ACH in April, forms must be submitted by March 1st. With the activation of the ACH service, customers continue to receive a sewer bill detailing amount due and date of payment withdrawal. Lower Paxton Township Authority is not responsible for the failure of the U.S. Postal Service to deliver payments by mail.

Returned Payments

A $20 returned payment fee is charged for all returned payments.
If you pay by check, checks must be written in blue or black ink.

Collection Services

In accordance with Resolution 12-10, customers with delinquent sewer accounts may be turned over to Modern Recovery Solutions for the collection of delinquent accounts. Accounts referred to Modern Recovery Solutions will be assessed a collection fee of 25% of the delinquent balance.

Legal Services

In accordance with Resolution 12-11, customers who file bankruptcy will have their accounts turned over to Slusser Law Firm and will be charged at a rate of $150.00 per hour.
In accordance with Resolution 15-13, accounts not collected by Modern Recovery Solutions may be turned over to the Law Offices of Steven A. Stine for further action.  Accounts refereed to the Law Office of Steven A. Stine will be charged in accordance with the current resolution rate schedule.