Community Development

The Community Development Department is responsible for building construction activities, land use and zoning regulations, and subdivision and land development activities.

Codes & Ordinances

The Township acts in accordance with the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code. Community Development works with the Zoning Hearing Board and the Planning Commission. The use of land within the Township must comply with a Zoning Ordinance, which specifically identifies uses of land and the districts within which these uses are permitted.

Zoning Districts & Land Development

Zoning districts are geographically plotted, based upon municipal needs, on the official map of the Township. The Zoning Ordinance also contains provisions for the variance of its specific terms and conditions, by a Zoning Hearing Board, based upon a hardship running with the land that has not been created by the property owner.

The development of land within the Township is regulated by Subdivision and Land Development Regulations (SALDO). These regulations contain design standards for public and private improvements to serve new development. The Planning Commission assists the Board of Supervisors in the review of subdivision and land development plans.

Resources for Economic Development

The Community Development Department can aid new and existing businesses with site selection as well as resources such as market analysis, information/consultation on state, federal, or local programs, and township regulatory information. We seek to promote economic development and help anyone looking to do business in Lower Paxton.