Building Permit Fees

The following fees shall be charged by Lower Paxton Township for the submission of an application, review of plans, issuance of permits, inspection of work, and issuance of certificates of occupancy for construction of, additions to, or repair of any building or structure. These fees shall apply to all applications for building permits for which an application for a permit has been made on or after January 1, 2022. The schedule of fees is available for review.

When submitting an application, all fees are due at time of submission.
It would behoove the applicant to bring a blank check to allow staff to review the application to ensure proper calculations have been done. 

  • Building Permit for Single-Family Home:
    • See Permit Application for Cost Details.
    • The fee for a Building Permit for a single family home shall be calculated as per the square footage outlined on the Building Permit Application. The total shall then by multiplied by eight dollars ($8.00) and add the four dollar and 50 cent ($4.50) state fee.
  • Plumbing Work:
    • All fees are noted on the application. An additional fee for the state of four dollars and 50 cents ($4.50) shall be added to all permits.
  • Building Permit for New Construction and Additions to "Other Than a Single-Family Home:"
    • The Building Permit fee for new construction and additions to other than a single-family home shall be calculated using the most current International Code Council (ICC), Building Valuation Data (BVD), ( Square Foot Construction Cost table and a Permit Fee Multiplier of .008, as computed by the Township in accordance with the procedure recommended by the ICC. Said Building Permit fee shall be calculated using the building gross area, the Square Foot Construction Cost and the Permit Fee Multiplier per the following formula:
      Permit Fee = Gross Area x Square Foot Construction Cost x Permit Fee Multiplier.
    • Other commercial projects shall be calculated at eight dollars ($8.00) per one thousand dollars of construction.
    • The Building Permit fee for new construction and additions, other than a single-family home building shell, shall be reduced by twenty percent of that calculated in previous section.
  • Building Permit Fee for Repairs and Remodeling of "Other Than a Single-Family Home:"
    • The Building Permit fee for repairs and remodeling of ’other than a single-family home’ shall be calculated based on the cost of construction on the basis of the applicant’s contract price for construction or bids therefore, including but not limited to the contracts or bids for the general, electrical, plumbing, and mechanical contracts. The construction of a commercial building shell – will be calculated using the current ICC IBV reduced by 20% for the shell only permit. Where the applicant, at the time of application, certifies that there is no fixed bid or contract establishing the cost of the construction, then the applicant shall submit a certified and sealed estimate of construction cost from an architect or engineer.
    • The fee for a Building Permit for a repairs and remodeling of other than a single-family home shall be at the rate of eight dollars per one thousand dollars of construction costs.
  • Application Submission Fee:
    • An Application Submission Fee is due and payable at the time of building permit submission to the Township. The fee is non-refundable. Failure to pay said fee constitutes an incomplete application that will be returned to the applicant without processing or review.
    • The Application Submission Fee for a new Single-Family Home and additions thereto is sixty dollars. 
    • Commercial plan submission fee is one hundred thirty dollars.
  • Expedited Plan Review:
    • An applicant for a building permit may request an expedited review of plans submitted in support of an application. The Township may grant said request if it has either the internal or external plan review resources available to provide for the expedited review without adversely affecting the plan review of any other application submitted in advance of the request for expedited review.
    • An applicant for a building permit who has requested and received an expedited review of plans shall pay any and all additional costs incurred by the Township, over and above the Building Permit fee and Application Submission fee, for said expedited review.
  • Acceptance of Permit and Payment for Plan Review When Permits Are Not Secured:
    • Applicants for permits set forth in this Resolution, who do not secure a permit for any reason (i.e. denial of application, cancellation of project, etc.), shall be responsible for all costs incurred by the Township in its review of the application and accompanying plans. Payment for said costs shall be due and payable upon receipt of an invoice for same from the Township.
    • Applicants, upon notice that any permit referenced in this Resolution is complete for issuance by the Township, shall be required to secure said permit within 180 days of notice from the Township. Any permit not secured within 180 days of said notice shall be deemed denied.
  • Required Re-inspection: Should a re-inspection of any work, activity, equipment, or facility be required to ensure compliance with any duly adopted building code, the cost of said re-inspection shall be billed to and payable by the applicant. Said payment shall be in addition to the Building Permit fee.
  • Moving of buildings: The fee for a building permit for the moving of a building or structure from one lot to another or to a new location on the same lot shall be at the rate of five dollars per hundred dollars of the estimated cost of moving plus the cost of new foundations and all work necessary to place the building or structure in its completed condition in the new location.
  • A fee of four dollars and fifty cents shall be added to all building permits. This fee shall be levied in accordance with Act 45 of 2004.
  • A fee of one hundred and fifty dollars is hereby established for the issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy in instances of an altered area use and occupancy classification, as defined by the Uniform Construction Code Act 45 of 1999, Sections 403.1 and 403.46.