Bridge Maintenance

The Public Works Department maintains seven municipal bridges:
LPT referenced below stands for Lower Paxton Township.

  • LPT-1 T-432, Crums Mill Road over Paxton Creek
  • LPT-2 T-495, McIntosh Road over Paxton Creek tributary
  • LPT-3 T-302, Geraldine Drive over Paxton Creek tributary
  • LPT-4 T-501, Goose Valley Road over Paxton Creek tributary
  • LPT-7 T-392, Peiffers Lane over Spring Creek
  • LPT-9 T-407, Red Top Road over Beaver Creek tributary
  • LPT-10 T-601, Jonestown Road over Beaver Creek


These bridges are inspected by an engineering consultant under contract to Dauphin County to identify required maintenance and to ensure their safety for the motoring public. Recommended maintenance is carried out by Township staff or contractors, as necessary.

Bridge Ownership

Bridge LPT 10 on Jonestown Road over Beaver Creek was identified in the 2013 Transportation Improvement Program for the Harrisburg Area Transportation Study. Such identification will provide for the eventual replacement of this bridge. All other bridges in Lower Paxton Township are owned and maintained by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PENNDOT).

Types of Maintenance

Public Works Department staff performs the following maintenance items on municipal bridges:

  • Rock protection along upstream and downstream wing walls
  • Cleaning and flushing of the bridge deck and scuppers
  • Pavement surface repairs and sealing
  • Signage installation
  • Concrete repair
  • Guiderail and end treatment repair
  • Clearing trees and brush on bridge approaches