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LPT’s Ordinance 18-05 Amending Chapter 68 of Code "Animals"

LPT’s Resolution 19-31 Adopting Trap, Neuter, Return Requirements

Guidelines for Management of Feral Cat Population

What is TNR?

TNR stands for Trap, Neuter, Return.  This is a management strategy for humanely reducing populations of free-roaming domestic cats.
TNR generally includes: assessment of colonies; humane trapping, maintenance with food, fresh water, and shelter; and monitoring to ensure that newcomers are altered immediately.
The cats, who typically live together in a group called a colony, are trapped and brought to a veterinary clinic.
They’re then spayed (females) or neutered (males), vaccinated and ear tipped. After they’ve recovered from their surgeries, the cats are returned back to their original territory where a caretaker provides regular food and shelter. 

Ear Tipping

Ear tipping involves surgically removing a small portion of one of a cat’s ears while the cat is under anesthesia for sterilization.  It is the universally accepted way to signify that a community cat has been spayed or neutered, which means no new kittens will be born. 

Township’s Role in the TNR Process*

Lower Paxton Township is here to help residents manage the feral cat population.  If you are seeking guidance on trapping, we have guidelines (see above) for the appropriate way to trap. The local community groups are also willing to loan traps to residents wishing to engage in the process.
1. If you are a resident of Lower Paxton Township and you have trapped a feral cat, you must contact one of the local community groups/clinics to make an appointment to have the feral cat spayed/neutered/ear tipped.
2. Once you have made an appointment, please call the Police Department (717-657-5656) and let them know you would like a voucher for the spay/neuter/ear tipping service.
3. The Police Department will then prepare a voucher for you and will let you know when you may stop by to pick it up.
You may also email please be prepared to provide your contact information, along with the appointment time and location for spaying/neutering.
Please do not contact the Police Department for a voucher if you have not made an appointment with one of the local groups listed below.

Loaner Traps: Available through the Township's Community Resource Officer. You may contact Chuck Grubb via email at to make an appointment to borrow a trap for a one week period. Traps must be signed out and picked up from Mr. Grubb, Monday - Friday, 7 am to 3 pm.  

Questions/Need Help?

The Lower Paxton Police Department is available to take calls regarding feral cats if you have properly followed the steps listed above or if you need help identifying if you have a feral cat problem.
Lower Paxton Township Police Department (Monday - Friday 8 am to 4 pm).
Please be prepared to answer several questions regarding your cat situation.
Please call 717-657-5656 or email questions to

Complaints about residents feeding feral cats may be sent to the Codes Enforcement Officer.

Local Community Groups/Clinics
*Please Note: Each community group has their own rules regarding providing services. 
Please call or visit the group’s website for more specific information.


The Nobody’s Cats Foundation

Steelton Community Cats


York County SPCA

 Program Update: August 2022

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