Illicit Discharges to the Stormwater System

Lower Paxton works to identify and eliminate illicit discharges by the following methods:

  • The Township maintains an inventory of all known storm drains, piping, discharge points and waters of the Commonwealth.
  • The Township samples discharge from outfalls to determine if pollutants are present. If pollutants are found, the discharge is back-tracked in an effort to identify the source and eliminate the pollution.
  • Through the enforcement of ordinances, action is taken to abate pollution and hold polluters responsible.
  • Educational materials are provided to citizens and businesses on the proper disposal of waste materials.

Report Dumping

Residents are encouraged to monitor inlets and other stormwater facilities. No one should be dumping anything into the stormwater system. If you see someone dumping, please call the Public Works Department at 717-657-5615.

Important Facts

  • If you have a stormwater or drainage concern, contact the Public Works Department. A Department representative will perform a site visit and offer recommendations.
  • Stormwater runoff from a neighbor's downspouts that affects your property is a private matter between two property owners that may be addressed through civil proceedings.
  • A stream or waterway that crosses private property is the owner's responsibility for maintenance. The Public Works Department is only responsible for stormwater facilities in public rights-of-way.
  • Water that seeps through basement walls when it rains is groundwater and must be addressed by the property owner.