Stormwater Fee General Info

What is the Stormwater Fee?

In 2019, Federal and State regulations increased stormwater management costs through increased regulations.  Previously, the Township spent approximately $2.5 million per year and costs have since increased by more than one million dollars per year.  To meet the cost of these mandates, a Stormwater Fee was implemented in Lower Paxton.  The Fee was added to the Township sewer bills and the collection is overseen by the Township Authority.

What are the Funds Used For?

Projects have been designed to reduce sediment from stormwater discharges and stream bank erosion, and to improve the health of Paxton Creek in Lower Paxton, and ultimately, the Chesapeake Bay. Projects and project statuses are available at:

View Your Parcel

The Impervious Surface Area Data Viewing Tool provides non-single family residential parcels with the ability to view their parcel and see the impervious area that has been calculated to reach the total number of ERUs for the parcel. Users can search by address. The parcel will appear and users can click on the shaded red area to see the impervious surface square footage and calculated ERU.

Official Resolution enacting the Stormwater Fee in Lower Paxton Township.
Resolution 20 - 12