Stormwater Fee

Stormwater Billing 

The Township Authority oversees the billing process and collection of the Stormwater Fee. The Stormwater Fee is listed on the quarterly Sewer bill. Septic residents (who do not receive quarterly sewer bills) also receive a Stormwater Fee bill.
Stormwater User Fee, Sewer Rental Billing & Collection Policy

Single Family Residential Accounts are billed $26.00 per quarter.

Non Single Family Residential Accounts are billed $26.00 per ERU.  1 ERU is equivalent to 3,400 square feet of impervious coverage.  Non-Single Family Residential is billed in 1/10 of an ERU, minimum of 1 ERU.

View Your Parcel

The Impervious Surface Area Data Viewing Tool provides non-single family residential parcels with the ability to view their parcel and see the impervious area that has been calculated to reach the total number of ERUs for the parcel. Users can search by address. The parcel will appear and users can click on the shaded red area to see the impervious surface square footage and calculated ERU.

Automatic Withdrawal

ACH payments are automatically withdrawn from a customer’s checking or savings account. The ACH payment option saves money for postage and time in writing checks. Please fill out the Sewer Bill Auto-Debit Authorization Form (PDF) and return the completed form with a voided check.


In order to activate the ACH service, application forms must be returned one month prior to the billing month. For instance, to be able to have a sewer bill paid through ACH in April, forms must be submitted by March 1st. With the activation of the ACH service, customers continue to receive a sewer bill detailing amount due and date of payment withdrawal. Lower Paxton Township Authority is not responsible for the failure of the U.S. Postal Service to deliver payments by mail.

Credit Policy

The Township Authority adopted a Credit Policy on November 24, 2020 (updated January 25, 2022).  The Policy details the types of credits available to reduce the quarterly Stormwater Management User Fee.  Stormwater Credits are provided as a means for customers to reduce the amount of their quarterly fee by implementing a creditable Best Management Practice activity to reduce the contribution of stormwater and pollutants to LPTA’s stormwater management system and/or to aid Lower Paxton Township (LPT) and LPTA in meeting their MS4 Permit obligations.

Forms Related to Applying for a Stormwater Credit:
Stormwater Credit Application Form
Stormwater Credit Renewal Form
Stormwater Fee Reassessment Form
Stormwater Credit Pre Application Meeting Request Form

Returned Payments

A 10% penalty is added to accounts not paid by the due date. A $20 returned payment fee is charged for all returned payments.  If you pay by check, your check must be written in blue or black ink.

Billing and Collection Policy

To view and download the Lower Paxton Township Authority Stormwater User Fee, Sewer Rental Billing and Collection Policy, please click here.

Collection Services

In accordance with Resolution 12-10, customers with delinquent sewer accounts may be turned over to Modern Recovery Solutions for the collection of delinquent accounts. Accounts referred to Modern Recovery Solutions will be assessed a collection fee of 25% of the delinquent balance.

Legal Services

In accordance with Resolution 12-11, customers who file bankruptcy will have their accounts turned over to Slusser Law Firm and will be charged at a rate of $150.00 per hour.
In accordance with Resolution 15-13, accounts not collected by Modern Recovery Solutions may be turned over to the Law Offices of Steven A. Stine for further action.  Accounts refereed to the Law Office of Steven A. Stine will be charged in accordance with the current resolution rate schedule. 


If you have any questions, please email the Stormwater Department.